Welcome to Management Audit Consultants

We are the essential gateway for Hospitality Operators seeking to maximise the Performance of their Business!


The Hospitality Idustry is currently struggling with a cautious lending sector, an increasing overhead environment and a crowded marketplace that must compete for the consumer’s attention alongside constant distractions.


We specialise in 3600 Business Evaluation to implement change for maximising business performance.


Our unique approach consists of establishing a buy-in from all stakeholders through enabling access to the structures and outcomes of the project.




Are you experiencing cash flow issues?

Are your costs strangling the EBITDA?

Are you losing key performing staff?

Are you lacking revenue growth?


Our Methodology involves:

  • Appraisal with you to review where you are now
  • Measuring outcomes to set Benchmarks and identifying the performance gaps
  • Plotting the Action Plan to bridge the Gaps
  • Mentoring and Monitoring the Implementation
  • Reviewing the Turnaround Solution
  • Documenting Future Performance criteria


Management Audit Consultants can provide the platform for a Business Turnaround